Miami Citrus Trees

Citrus Tree Fruiting Season Flower Color Fruit
Navel Orange Jan-March White Best fruit for eating
Valencia Orange March-June White Best for juicing, high seed count
Page Orange October-February Very sweet fruit, heavy producer
Meyer Lemon Winter White-Pale Pink Taste between orange and lemon
Key Lime Summer White Less acidic lime
Persian Lime Summer Chalky white Traditional acidic limes
Ruby Red Grapefruit October-March High yield, high quality fruit
Duncan Grapefruit Summer White Light yellow
Sunburst Tangerine October-November Rich taste, seedless
Ponkan Tangerine December-January Easy to peel, great to eat
Cocktail Citrus Varies by tree Varies Variety of fruit on one tree
Nagami Kumquat December Chalk white Small tasty fruit
Meiwa Kumquat November-May Sweetest Kumquat available