Bottle Palm Tree

Common Names Bottle Palm Tree
Scientific Name Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Hardiness Zones 10b-11
Mature Height 15 Ft
Growth Slower than most palms
Flower Color White
Blooms Continuously
Cold Tolerance Minimal
Light Requirements Shade or Partial Sun
Salt Tolerance Tolerant of salt drift
Bottle Palm
Bottle Palm

Whimsical in appearance, this charming palm takes its name from its unique shape.

Bottle Palms have single trunks that bulge gently in the middle, gradually narrowing into a green crown shaft that forms the “neck” of the bottle. The crown consists of four to six long, symmetrical and feathery fronds that curve gently downwards, giving the Bottle Palm a flower-like look. The bottle shape of the trunk gently diminishes as the palm matures.

A truly tropical palm, this petite beauty can’t withstand cold temperatures. Southern Florida is one of the few places in the world where it can be successfully cultivated outdoors. While many people believe the bulging trunk is used for water storage, the Bottle Palm requires regular watering, especially outdoors during hot and dry periods.

A slow-growing palm, the Bottle Palm is perfect for smaller Miami-area yards that may not accommodate larger specimens. Arrange them in groupings, use them as accent plants or grow them in containers indoors. Since it prefers partial shade, the Bottle Palm also does well in sunny jungle landscapes, where it will happily thrive in the shadow of larger palms or trees.

Indoors or out, this attractive palm adds a distinctive touch to any décor.