Robellini/Pygmy Date Palm

Names Robellini, Pgymy Date Palm
Scientific Name Phoenix roebelenii
Hardy Zones 9a-11
Height 6-8 ft
Growth Slow
Flower Inconspicuous
Flower Color Cream/Tan
Water Requirements Normal, needs watering during dry spells.
Cold Hardiness Should be cold hardy in Sout Florida
Light Requirements Full Sun to Partial Shade

This petite tree is also known as the pygmy date palm and can be used to great effect when grouped in gardens or around swimming pools, patios or porches. Its small size and striking appearance make it particularly attractive as an accent plant in apartments or condominiums.

The Robellini is a slow-growing dwarf palm and only achieves a maximum of ten to twelve feet after many years. Popular planted singly or in groups, it is also a highly successful container plant. An irregular crown of beautiful bright green fronds surmounts the smooth, gently curving trunk. The flowers are inconspicuous, appear throughout the year and are often hidden among the leaves. The small black dates ripen to a bright, dramatic red and are edible.

As with most palms, the Robellini enjoys a foundation with good drainage. Water when the first inch of soil appears dry but avoid the hottest part of the day, opting to irrigate in the early morning or evening instead. When kept indoors, the Robellini thrives in bright but filtered light. Direct sun can burn and yellow the fronds.

Echoing the look of much larger palms in a smaller size, the Robellini palm adds tropical interest to indoor spaces.