Live Oak Tree

Utilized as Grand Shade Tree
Scientific Name Quercus virginiana Miller
Cold Hardy Yes
Light Requirements Full Sun
Flower Prominence None
Water Requirements Extremely Drought Tolerant once established
Leaf Color Deep Olive Green
Leaves Evergreen
Age Up to 100 to 200 years
Height 75 – 120 ft
Growth Average Rate, 2-3 ft per year
Price Point 6 Inch around $300
Oak Tree
Oak Tree – Click to enlarge

A traditional symbol of Southern hospitality, the live oak is one of the most majestic trees found in and around Miami.

This mighty oak is long-lived and can grow to 60 feet high with an equal or larger spread. The live oak is easily recognized by its size and unique growth pattern. Limbs grow horizontally rather than vertically, giving the tree an open and welcoming appearance.

The live oak grows well in sandy soil and is salt tolerant. In warm climates, the tree is an evergreen, losing leaves in early spring only as new growth appears. Prune young trees to develop a strong center trunk and provide clearance beneath the spreading branches.

Long prized for the strength of its timber, the live oak is also a sturdy tree. Its deep root structure makes it especially wind-resistant. Known as “the homeowner’s friend,” the live oak seldom topples or drops branches, even in the strongest storms. The presence of a live oak can add value to a property.

The openwork branch structure and lightly leaved stems make the live oak an ideal shade tree. Grass, flowers and even shrubs flourish beneath it. This emblem of Southern strength lends old-fashioned charm to modern homes.