Miami Palm Trees

The Miami area landscape it teeming with palm trees of all types.  Unlike almost every other geography in the United States, the extremely low frequency and intensity of freezing nights in South Florida creates a welcoming environment for every type of palm tree.  Royal palms and Coconut palms thrive year after years with little special care and precaution necessary for cold weather.

Palm Tree Mature Height Drought Tolerant Shade Tolerant
Alexander 50-60 Feet Med No
Areca 10-30 Feet Yes Yes
Bismark 30-40 Feet Yes No
Bottle 10-15 Feet Yes No
Coconut 50 Feet Avg, Up to 100 Yes Partial
Date Up to 100 Feet Yes No
European Fan 15 Feet Yes Yes
Fishtail 15-25 Feet Med Med
Foxtail 20-30 Feet Yes No
King Sago 8-12 Feet When Mature Moderately
MacArthur 15-20 Feet Yes No
Paurotis 20 Feet Yes No
Pindo 15-20 Feet Yes No
Ponytail Palm 6-8 Feet Yes Partial
Pygmy Date/ Robellini 5-8 Feet No No
Queen 30-50 Feet Yes No
Royal 60-80 Feet Yes No
Sabal Up to 90 Feet Medium No
Sylvester 45-55 Feet Yes Yes
Traveler’s 30-40 Feet Yes Medium
Windmill 15-20 Feet Yes Yes
Washingtonia 50-90 Feet Yes No

These are the most common palm trees sold at Miami Nurseries.  You should be able to pick one up of varying sizes, ready to plant in your yard.  Expert growers are always developing different hybrids that will handle the cold or varying water availability to thrive in extreme climate conditions.  Contact your local tree nursery to check availability or to ask more questions to find the perfect palm tree for your particular situation.