Shade & Specimen Trees

These trees can provide a great complement to palm trees traditionally in Miami yards.  They have a great deal to offer landscapes because of the vast variety of choice you have regarding mature height, leaf color, canopy, and flowering capacity.

Tree Flowering Color Comments
Bald Cypress No None Large, deciduous, tolerant to wet soil.
Black Olive No None Pleasant looking, wind and salt tolerant shade tree.
Bottlebrush Yes Red Tree or shrub, different growth types
Crepe Myrtle Yes Red, Pink, Others Many different colors and shapes of growth
Florida Maple No None Native to state, grows 35 feet tall
Green Buttonwood No None Bright green leaves, fantastic shrub or specimen tree.
Gumbo-limbo No None Great looking tree, click through to see the picture.
Jacaranda Yes Blue Showy flowers, loses leaves in winter
Japanese Blueberry No None Evergreen tree grows in a pyramidal shape
Jatropha Yes Red Can serve as a miniature tree
Live Oak No None Florida’s most prominent shade tree
Mahogany No None Towering richly colored shade tree, South Florida native
Nellie Stevens Holly No Red Berries Berries appear in wintertime
Orchid Tree Yes Pink, Red, Purple Also known as Hong Kong Orchid
Mahogany No None Towering richly colored shade tree, South Florida native
Red Maple No None Unique tree in Florida providing fall color
Royal Poinciana Yes Scarlet, Reds Striking flower blossom in the beginning of summer
Silver Buttonwood No Silver Silver or blue-green leaves on this specimen tree.
Sweet Gum No None
Weeping Yaupon Holly No None