Areca Palm

Common Names Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Madagascar Palm
Used as Hedge, Foundation, Lanai, Indoor
Scientific Name Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
Hardiness Zones 9a-11
Full growth height 15-30 Ft
Growth Rate Rapid
Water Requirements Medium Drought Tolerance
Light Needs Likes full sun but can grow in partial shade and indoors
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Areca Palm
Areca Palm at the nursery. Click to enlarge.

One of the most popular palms cultivated as houseplants, the Areca Palm brings Miami’s lush tropical beauty indoors.

These bright green beauties are also known as “Butterfly Palms” and for good reason. Multiple fronds grow from central stems and are covered with long, glossy leaves that curl gently upward, giving the branches a feathery and symmetrical wing-like appearance.

The Areca Palm is a moderately fast growing plant, but tends to grow out rather than up, especially when kept in containers. It enjoys bright but indirect sunlight. Too much sun exposure can lead to burnt or yellowed stems. Dead fronds should be pruned gently – not yanked – to avoid damaging the root structure. The Areca is a thirsty plant that requires regular watering and will visibly wilt when dry. Fortunately, when watered promptly the plant will recover without permanent damage.

Although Areca Palms are popular as houseplants, they are planted extensively outdoors as well. When cultivated in rows their shrub-like growth pattern makes them attractive and low-maintenance windbreaks, privacy screens or green fences.

Whether you are landscaping your home or looking for a bright spot of color in a condominium or apartment, Areca Palms can transform your living space into a tropical oasis.