Orange Tree Types

Citrus Tree Fruiting Season Comments
Navel October – January Greatest Florida orange to eat, low acidiity and seed count
Hamlin October – January Early fruiter, very juicy, not hard to peel
Page October – February Sweetness abounds, trees are heavy producers
Valencia March-June Best variety to grow for juicing
Temple January – March Great for eating and juicing if you like a slightly more acidic content.
Rhode Red Valencia March – June Good for eating or juicing.
Pineapple December – February 2 to 3 Seeds, great for eating and juicing, widely grown in Florida.
Midsweet Orange January – February
Parson Brown October – March Great variety for eating or juicing. Provides extended production time since it can stay on the tree longer once ripe.
Red Navel November – January Extremely sweet orange with a red inside.
Blood Orange February – April Red pigmented orange that becomes darker with colder temperatures during nights when fruit is maturing.