Miami Plants

No area in the United States allows a more tropical set of plants that will thrive than Miami and the entire South Florida area. Extremely infrequent cold nights and an abundance of both sunshine and rain fuel extremely an extremely colorful array of foliage.

The chart below list most of the plants available at local retial nurseries in Miami. Many of them can serve multible functions in a landscape design. Those primary and secondary functions along with color characteristices are listed in the alphabetized chart.

Plant Primary Use Secondary Use Flowering Color
African Iris Groundcover Specimin, Accent Yes White
Agapanthus Groundcover Specimin, Accent Yes White, Blue
Alamanda Dwarf Shrub Shrub Yes Yellow
Alyssum Accent Groundcover Yes Various
Anise Shrub No
Arboricola Trinet Shrub No
Azaleas Shrubs Yes Pink, Various
Aztec Grass Groundcover Accent No
Bird of Paradise Specimen Shrub Yes Orange
Giant Bird of Paradise Specimen Tree Yes White
Bougainvillea Vine Shrub Yes Purple, Various
Bufordi Holly
Caladium Groundcover Accent No Colored Leaves
Camellia Shrub Hedges Yes Red, White, Pink
Cast Iron Plant Accent Specimen No
Century Plant Specimen Accent No
Confederate Jasmine Vine Groundcover Yes White
Cordyline Accent Specimen No Various Red-Purple Shades
Crotons Accent Plant Shrubs No Bright oranges, reds, yellows
Crown of Thorns
Day Lilly Groundcover Yes Various colors
Dianella Groundcover Accent Plant
Downy Jasmine Shrub Yes White
Drift Rose Groundcover Yes Pink or Red
East Palatka Holly
Eugenia Balls Topiary
Firecracker Shrubs Yes Red
Formosa Azalea Shrub Yes Lavender
Green Fountain Grass Ornamental Grass Groundcover No
Foxtail Fern Groundcover Accent No
Gardenia Shrub Groundcover, Tree Yes White
Geraniums Accent Flower Specimen Yes Various Red, Pinks, Whites
Ginger Shrub Hedge Yes Yellow and Green Variegated
Goldmound Groundcover Accent No Bright gold leaves
Hibiscus Shrub Accent Yes Multiple: Red, Yellow
Ilex Schilling Groundcover Accent No
Imapatiens Accent Flower Yes Reds and Pinks
Indian Hawthorn Groundcover Yes Pink
Italian Cypress Accent Specimen No
Ixora Shrub Groundcover Yes Pink or Red
Jasmine Minima Groundcover Vine No Dark Green or Variegated Leaf
Duranta Saphire Jasmine Shrub Yes Purple
Knockout Roses Accent Specimen Yes Red
Lady Palm Accent Specimen No
Lantana Groundcover Yes White, Purple
Ligustrum Hedge Shrub No
Liriope Super Blue Groundcover Inconspicuous Purple
Loropedalum, Plum Shrub Yes Pink
Mexican Petunia Groundcover
Mexican Petunia, Dwarf Groundcover
Mondo Grass Groundcover No
Nandina Accent Specimen No
Orchids Accent Flower Specimen, Groundcover Yes Various bright colors
Pampas Grass Specimen Accent No
Pansy Accent Flower Yes Yellow or Purple
Papyrus Accent Specimen No
Pandora Vine Yes Pink
Parsoni Juniper Groundcover Yes Blue-Green Leaves
Pentas Accent Flower Yes Various Reds, Pinks, Yellows
Perennial Plant Groundcover Yes Yellow
Petunia Accent Flower Groundcover Yes Purple or Pink
Philodendron selloum Accent Specimen No
Pittosporum, Dwarf Shrub Groundcover Yes Variegated white & green leaves
Plumbago Primary Accent Yes Blue
Podocarpus Hedge Topiary
Purple Queen Groundcover No Purple Leaf
Purslane Groundcover Yes White, Multi
Rubber Plant Accent Specimen No
Schefflera, Tall Specimen Accent No
Seagrape Shrub Accent No
Snapdragon Accent Specimen Yes Red, Pink, Yellow
Society Garlic Groundcover Yes Purple
Star Jasmine Shrub Yes White
Sweet Potato Vine Groundcover No
Sweet Viburnum Hedge Screen, Shrub No
Texas Sage Shrub Hedge Yes Purple
Thryallis Hedge Shrub Yes Yellow
Trailing Verbena Groundcover No
Weeping Youpon Holly Accent Tree No
Yellow African Iris Groundcover Accent Yes Yellow
Creeping Fig Vine Groundcover No
Xanadu Philodendron Groundcover No
Zamia Coontie Groundcover No


Groundcover helps landscapers fill in or accent larger areas may not be ideal for grass for several reasons:

  • Property owner wants more color with flowers or leaves
  • Landscaper wants to complement a lawn
  • Area needs to be more “maintenance free”
  • Area does not get sunlight
  • Area is difficult to mow on an embankment or a thin side of a home

Regardless of what you are looking for, find the perfect groundcover on the chart above.


Shrubs in Miami add greenery to any space and can be a fantastic carrier of color for your landscaping project in the form of flowers or colored leaves. They can be small plants or take the form of small trees but they are generally made of a woody material.


Hedges are considered a specific type of shrub and used mainly for a delineation or defining an area. Whether for aesthetics or privacy, a well chosen and well place shrub can be a vital part of a landscape. Many hedges grow tall enough to provide privacy from neighbors when a fence just won’t do. They can also serve as foundation plants or to create a better looking walkway.


Miami is could be considered the epicenter of accent plants since there are so many to choose from. Shrubs, hedges, and other greenery as a foundation of a landscape can serve as the perfect launching pad to the bright colors of accent plants such as Coleus, Crotons, and Caladium. Well-placed accent plants can make Miami yard come alive with color that, if chosen wisely, can last the entire year.