Royal Palm Tree

Common Names Royal Palm
Scientific Name Roystonia olerecea
Hardy Zones 10-11
Height 65-85 Ft
Growth Approx 1 ft annually
Flower Showy
Flower Color Light Cream or Yellow
Blooms Over the summer, often several times
Water Requirements Normal water needs
Cold Hardy No, tropical palm, usually fine in South Florida
Light Requirements Full sun to partial shade
Royal Palm Trees
Royal Palm Trees

Aligned in ranks down Biscayne Boulevard, the royal palm adds glamour to Miami’s cinematic appeal. So striking as to appear artificial, this emblematic palm grows 40 to 60 feet in height. The cement-gray trunk bulges slightly at the base before narrowing into a smooth green crown shaft. The rounded canopy is composed of 20 to 25 dark green fronds, each of which can reach 10 feet in length. When blooming, the royal palm produces masses of creamy flowers and later small purple fruit.

The royal palm doesn’t mind average soils but loves lots of sunshine. Make sure to plant it where it will receive plenty of direct light. The Florida royal is a fast-growing palm that enjoys regular watering. Although it is somewhat drought resistant, it grows faster and looks better with steady watering. Since it is not bothered by salt spray, the royal is suitable for planting in seaside locations past the last row of dunes.

The royal palm is useful for lining straight or curving driveways. Cultivate a single specimen to create a striking focal point in a garden or plant them in picturesque groupings around swimming pools to conjure the look and feel of a tropical oasis.