Haden Mango

Species Name Mangifera indica Hayden
Cold Hardy Cold hardy to 25 degrees when mature.
Fruit Medium size with a bright yellow color under a crimson blush. Firm, juicy flesh has a tropical aroma
Fruit Season June-July
Seed Density
Flower Color Small pinkish-white flowers.
Blooms March-April
Mature Height
Mature Canopy
Growth Rate
Haden Mango
Haden Mango – Click to Enlarge Picture

Every south Florida homeowner can grow a Haden mango. This tropical evergreen flourishes in warm, humid climates and requires little care.

The Haden mango grows into a medium to large tree with a bushy, rounded canopy. Pruning the tree for home use makes harvesting the fruit easier. The dark green leaves are big and leathery. Multitudes of small, white to pinkish-white flowers bloom on stalks that grow from the stem tips. Fruit production is low compared to the number of flowers. Generally, one mango will set per flower cluster.

Haden mangos often ripen twice a year, once in late summer and again in early spring. The fruits are rounded ovals that can range from a few ounces to a pound or more in weight. A red blush on the leathery yellow skin distinguishes ripe Haden mangos. The sweet, deep yellow flesh within contains one large seed. Young trees usually reach full production by the third year.

The Haden mango is not selective about soil types, but shouldn’t be planted in areas that are boggy or subject to flooding. Water young trees every other day until the rainy season arrives.

This attractive evergreen tree is an asset in every Miami garden.