Tangerine Trees

Type Fruiting Season Comments
Sunburst November – January Easy peeling, great eating tangerine with a rich taste.
Ponkan December – January Lower number of seeds and easy peeling provide high eating quality.
Robinson October – December Darker tangerine color, both skin & flesh. Very sweet.
Dancy December – January Most common eating orange in Florida. Loose skin easy to peel.
Murcott (Honey) January – April Cross between a sweet orange and tangerine creates a high sugar and low acid content. One of the sweetest tangerines.
Fallglo October – November Deep orange color, great to eat because it is bigger than most other tangerines.
Minneola December – April 3″, often exhibits a pronounced neck at the stem end of the fruit (bell shaped). Not many seeds, but extremely cold hardy.
Nova November – December Medium to large size. Easily peeled. Very juicy and sweet. Very cold tolerant.