European Fan Palm

Names European Fan Palm, Dwarf Fan Palm
Scientific Name Chamaerops humilis
Hardiness Zones 8b-11
Mature Height 10-15 Ft
Growth Slow to Moderate
Flower Inconspicuous
Water Requirements Tolerats Drought
Cold Hardiness Yes
Light Requirements Prefers full sun, grows in partial shad with a more sprawling fan.
Salt Tolerance Moderate, tolerant of light salt drift back from dunes.
European Fan Palm
Taller European Fan Palm

Also known as a Mediterranean palm, the European fan palm is the only palm tree native to the European continent. Hardy even in cooler climates and disease-resistant, this palm thrives in South Florida.

The European fan palm grows from multiple trunks topped with crowns of triangular, fan-shaped leaves. Foliage ranges in color from pale green to bluish gray to silvery green. Although this palm can attain a height of eight feet or more, it is slow growing. Even at a smaller size this palm presents a striking silhouette.

Its petite stature and unique appearance make this palm popular as a foundation plant in borders, as a specimen in raised beds or as an accent plant in containers on porches, patios and decks. The spiny leaf stalks make the European fan palm a particularly attractive and effective border or green fence when cultivated in rows.

Plant the European fan palm in well-drained soil and water regularly without overwatering until well established. It prefers full sun but also grows well in partial shade or indoors when kept in a sunny spot. Prune away suckers as they appear to preserve the unique sculpted shape.

This stunning palm is truly a living work of art.