Valencia Orange Tree

Species Name
Citrus Sinensis
Fruit Orange primarily for juice
Fruit Season March – June
Seed Density 2-7 each piece of fruit
Flower White and fragrant
Blooms Feb-March
Mature Height 20-25 Ft
Mature Canopy 8-12 Ft
Growth Rate Medium
Valencia Orange Outside
Valencia Orange – Click to Enlarge

One of the more popular oranges for home cultivation, the hardy Valencia is easy on the eyes and easy to grow. Valencia oranges are relatively small in size, have few seeds and are exceptionally juicy and sweet. Ripe fruit can be left on the tree for several weeks without over ripening. Rich in the antioxidant Vitamin C, Valencia oranges are equally delicious eaten straight from the tree or squeezed into fresh and nutritious orange juice.

The Valencia thrives in sandy, well-drained soil and requires no additional mulch or compost, making it perfect for growing in Southern Florida gardens. This citrus specimen requires full sun for optimum health and suffers when planted in shady spots. Young trees need watering every few days for the first year or so and once weekly afterwards. Prune only to remove dead or damaged wood, rubbing branches or limbs that threaten buildings.

The evergreen Valencia orange tree is covered year-round with dark green and glossy oval leaves. The small and fragrant pale-pink to white blossoms begin budding in late winter to early spring. Fruit ripens between March and October, usually peaking in June or July.

Make the most of your Florida garden with fresh Valencia oranges.