Sunburst Tangerine Tree

Species Name Citrus x tangerina
Cold Hardy Not extremely cold hardy, mostly safe in Miami
Fruit Size 2.5-3″
Fruit Season October-November
Fruit Richly flavored
Seed Density Practically seedless
Growth Rate Moderate
Inside Sunburst Tangerine
Inside Sunburst Tangerine

Florida homeowners are lucky enough to be able to step into the garden and pick ripe citrus fresh from the tree. The sunburst tangerine is a delicious addition to any home orchard.

The most popular tangerine cultivated commercially in Florida, this Mandarin hybrid is treasured for its sweet, juicy fruit and for the lovely appearance of the tree. The sunburst tangerine tree is a relatively small citrus that grows upright with a gently spreading crown. The leaves are oval, dark green year-round, and glossy. The fruit is round, slightly flattened with a depressed navel, and averages two to three inches in diameter. Seeds are variable. Summer blooming is followed by fruit setting in late summer or early fall, with ripening most typically occurring in November through December or January.

Install your new sunburst tangerine tree in an area near another citrus tree to facilitate cross-pollination. The sunburst thrives in well-drained soils in sunny locations. Regular watering is required until the tree is established. Prune only to remove suckers or low-growing branches. Practice selective thinning in years of heavy fruit-set. Harvest when the tangerines are bright orange. Early fruit is somewhat tart with sweetness increasing at the end of the season.