Bismark Palm Tree

Common Names Bismarck Palm
Scientific Name Bismarckia Nobilis
Hardy Zones 10-11
Full growth height 30-40 Feet
Growth Slow to Moderate
Flower Prominence Moderate
Flower Color Clusters of cream flowers
Water Requirements Prefers moist, well drained but will tolerate periods of drought
Light Preference Full Sun or Partial Shade
Salt Tolerance Moderate
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This is one big, beautiful palm tree!

The Bismarck Palm grows from a single stem. Numerous large fronds curve into a fan-shaped crown. One of its most striking characteristics is the unique blue-green color of the foliage.

Easily cultivated indoors or out, the Bismarck can tolerate full sun to partial shade and isn’t too picky about soil quality as long as it is well-drained. Needs regular watering but like most palms will suffer from too much water when potted. Bismarck Palms grow quickly in the hot and humid Miami summers with growth slowing slightly in the cooler months.

Its showy appearance makes the Bismarck Palm ideal for use in large container plantings around swimming pools, patios or on a lanai. When planted outdoors, make sure to give it plenty of room. This striking stunner can grow to a height of 30 feet. Plant alone or leave 12-15 feet between specimens to accommodate the crowns.

Take care when transplanting. Avoid damaging the root structure; cut the pot away if necessary. Transplant shock is one of the few things that can injure these hardy palm trees.

Whether potted or as the centerpiece of your outdoor landscaping, nothing says “Miami” like this majestic palm.