Queen Palm

Common Names Queen Palm
Scientific Name Syagrus romanzoffianum
Mature Height 45 ft high, 12 ft crown
Flower Showy White Creamy Grey
Blooms Late spring
Water Requirements Average to moderate drough
Cold Hardiness Not very, freezes at about s
Light Requirements Full sun
Salt Tolerance
Fair, no direct surf
Queen Palm Tree
Queen Palm Tree – Enlarge

Fast growing and often reaching heights of 50 feet or more, this majestic palm is truly the Queen of Miami.

The queen palm has a single, rough trunk ringed with old leaf scars. The fronds are long, dark green, soft and glossy. They curl gently in an irregular crown. Showy flowers appear on prominent stalks beneath the canopy and eventually ripen into masses of picturesque bright orange fruit that is not attractive to animals.

The queen palm thrives in a hot, humid environment, doesn’t mind poor soils and can occasionally accept damp locations. Moderately salt and drought tolerant, this palm will succeed almost anywhere as long as it has room to grow. Maintenance is minimal. Old fronds are persistent and sometimes need to be removed to preserve a sleek, clean look.

Use the queen palm in both commercial and residential applications. Often seen as decorative borders around resorts, shopping centers or corporate parks, queen palms are also appropriate for home use. A single queen palm is stunning alone or as a centerpiece in a group of smaller palms or a tropical garden. Plant them in rows to outline a driveway or frontage or in pairs flanking an entrance for a dramatic, designer effect.